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Application for Review by a Promotion Review Committee

For assistance in completing this form

For general information on the promotion review process

Agencies may notify promotions from a selection exercise in more than one edition of the APS Employment Gazette (the Gazette). You need to complete a separate form for each edition of the Gazette in which the promotions you wish to have reviewed are notified.

Who should use this form

This form is for APS and Parliamentary Service employees who seek review of the promotion of an APS employee (or the engagement at a higher classification level of a Parliamentary Service employee) by an APS agency.

Details of Promotion

Note: Do not select a gazette number that was published more than 14 days ago. Use SELECT button next to Gazette list to validate the selected gazette.


7. Were you an applicant for promotion to the same vacancy as notified above? (required)

8. Were you promoted in the same selection exercise as that notified above?

Your Details

Title (required) :
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Date and Time: Monday, 22 July 2019 13:18

Closing date for applications

Applications for review must be received by the Office of the Merit Protection Commissioner in Sydney by the date and time specified in the Gazette.

This is usually 5pm of the 14th day after the promotion was notified in the Gazette.

Applications not received by the closing date cannot be accepted.

Submitting your application

It is your responsibility to ensure that your application reaches the Commission by the closing date.

To make an online application complete this form and select the Submit button. You should receive an email acknowledgement. If you do not receive this acknowledgement, contact Review Enquiries on 02 8239 5330 for further advice.

Please Note

The information collected on this form and any supporting material is collected in accordance with Public Service Regulations 5.9 and 5.21. This information enables promotion review committees to review decisions.

Privacy and collection notice information is available from the Application page on the MPC website.

If you submit your application electronically by selecting the Submit button, you should be aware that the internet is not a secure medium over which to transmit personal information. If you are concerned about the security of your personal information you may prefer to provide the information by post, fax or email to the following address.

Review Team
Office of the Merit Protection Commissioner
PO Box 20636
World Square Post Office

Fax: 02 6267 4944
Phone: 02 8239 5330

On submission, please do not close the browser. Wait for the reference number to be generated, this will confirm successful submission.